Other Random Projects

While not exhaustive, this is a list of a few more recent recorded projects I’ve been working on or recently completed. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything listed here.

1 – Protective Screen Cover for Garmin GPS (Montana 600) – Designed in Fusion 360 and 3D Printed using Taulman PCTPE material.

2 – AppRadio 4 to Boxster Integration – Replace 2008 Porsche Boxster Bose factory Head Unit with Pioneer AppRadio 4 head unit using all 11 existing speakers, 2 amplifiers, and Bose DSP. Installation is easily 100% reversible to original head unit if desired.

3 – MagSafe wire protector – The Apple MacBook Pro MagSafe power connector is notorious for failing due to wire failure. This protector, originally designed in SolidWorks then later transferred to Fusion 360, and 3D printed in flexible Nylon.

4 – Epic Knight Runner Lite – An endless runner game for iOS devices.

5 – Kite Inflator Valve Nozzle Retainer – Prevents the inflation nozzle from accidental withdrawal during inflation due to pressure. Also prevents the valve from stretching, prolonging its life. Prototype 3D printed in Nylon.

6 – Classic Viva Vegas Slots – An Android device casino slots game.

7 – Enclosure Dehydrator – Originally intended as a method of maintaining low humidity in a storage box for 3D printing materials. Consists of a Peltier module controlled via PWM from Arduino, a custom designed dehydration chamber, sensors, and other various bits and bobs. Ardunio code is written, prototype dehydration chamber 3D printed.

8 – Mini Games World – A Flash and HTML5 online games repository website with thousands of games.

9 – 3D Printed Racing Drone – Conceptual design with the goal of producing a durable and lightweight 3D printable racing drone.

10 – Come To Zanzibar – A travel based affiliate marketing website focused on travel information and products for Zanzibar.

11 – Cover Your Ride – An amazon affiliate e-commerce website focused on selling car covers.

12 – Blogger2WP – A website service that helps bloggers and influencers who are using a free blog platform (like blogger or wordpress.com) convert to self-hosted WordPress.

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