OpenRC 3D FPV Build

I had recently acquired my 3D printer and was inspired to start printing and building some real stuff! I then came across Daniel Noree’s OpenRC Truggy project on Thingiverse and really got inspired by his design and ingenuity, so I just had to do it!

In retrospect, the build was actually quite complicated and not for the faint of heart (or mechanically challenged!). The main issue comes down to the availability and selection of the non-printed parts. These include the motor, battery, esc, shock absorbers, wheels (which can be printed) and drive axles. Not every component is available in every location, so the parts you’re able to source may be different to what Daniel had available originally. To make matters worse, the RC industry tends to sell parts by a particular model and don’t provide any dimensional information, so you end having to buy, try, and modify! Luckily Daniel provided a complete 3D model in Fusion 360, so any required modifications to parts were relatively easy if you know how.

So, after several hundred hours of printing parts and assembly, I ended up with my own unique version of the OpenRC Truggy. All of my mods include:

-Polycarbonate roll cage

-3D FPV camera and transmitter system

-3D Camera protection cage

-Custom rear wing and flexible mount

-Modified motor drive gear pitch and center gear to increase durability

-Locked center differential to help reduce stress on front and rear diffs in off-road use

-Convert to 4 bolt (from 2 bolt) Fr and Rr diffs to increase dimensional stability and reduce gear slippage

-Redesigned diff to drive shaft interface to increase strength

-Custom front bumper

-Custom battery holder

-Custom GoPro mount

What a great little project (and distraction) this was! While not as durable as a store bought carbon fibre and all-metal drive train ready to run RC car, it still holds it own out in the gravel pits.


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