Mini FPV Drone

Why buy it when you can print it and build it yourself? Must be the love of frustration! Nah. I think its the feeling you get when you do something yourself and it actually works, or in this case flies! It’s the same feeling Chuck Nolan (played by Tom Hanks) in Castaway felt when he finally started his own fire on that desolate beach in the South Pacific. FIRE!! I MADE FIRE!!

This Mini FPV drone is nothing too special, again, just another iteration of ideas. Off the shelf parts, 8mm brushless motors, brushless flight controller, about 80mm size (diagonal motor to motor distance), and my own 3D printed and designed frame. The cowling around the props makes a huge difference on stability. Efficiency is better as well, but it’s a bit heavier than one without the cowling, but flight time in the end is about the same. I usually get about 7 or 8 minutes with easy flying and no camera attached. Still designing a camera mount for this version.

I came across another design after some research (and pulling out old textbooks) which should be even more efficient and have better vertical lift. It’s the other frame in the pictures with no motors or electronics installed. Fast forward flight could be restricted with this kind of design (I did the math!), but it should run better than the other design. I printed this in a single wall thickness to minimize weight as well. Let’s see how it works! Stay tuned for updates.

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