Jet Foil Board

One day my usual youtube subscription email showed up in my inbox with a very intriguing video from Kai Concepts sporting their new prototype electric powered foil board. Hours of googling later I was up-to-date on all the electric foil boards on the market (at least trying to get to the market), some for as much as the cost of a small car!

One thing stood out to me, they were all propeller driven. My first thought was why not use a jet, like the ones used in jet skis or other jet powered surf boards. After some more hours googling it was clear why; in general propellers are more efficient. Given you’re toting around a battery pack on these things, it kind of made sense that efficiency has go be at the top of the list if you wanted to ride for more than just a few minutes.

Nonetheless, the large propeller and propeller guard would seem to have significant drag when compared to the foil alone and so I set out to design a jet propulsion version anyways. I can’t imagine even Kai Lenny being able to glide through open ocean swell with that much drag. Perhaps with my design he could, for hours on end, with enough spare battery juice left for the ride home!

Note, this is still in concept stage, even though my calculations show it is totally doable!

I’m not ashamed to ask; so if you’re interested in funding the development further please contact me!

UPDATE: You can follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on the progress of the jet foil, now more commonly known as Foilee! Some more pictures added here.

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