GoPro Kite Strut Mount

One of the downsides of kitesurfing (if there is any) is that it is an individual sport, so there’s usually no one with you to experience the breathtaking feeling of being dragged over crystal clear waters or making that epic jump and hanging endlessly in the air, powered only by mother nature herself. Well, if you have a GoPro or other action camera you can strap one to the kite and record your adventures for sharing with family and friends later….., much later!

You see, kite camera mounts tend to film only in one orientation that is fixed to kite. So as you kite along, the horizon moves continuously, and inverted while riding in one direction or the other, leaving you with hours and hours of video editing to make it much less nauseating to watch.

So I set out to design my own self levelling GoPro strut mount. As you can see from the pictures to the left, the results were amazing with virtually no post-editing. I’m now working on version 2, an integrated bearing and silicon damping fluid design to further improve the video quality and stability. Stay tuned!

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